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  • Solving the "green" energy mirage.

    The current "green" energy systems around the world have fundamental flaws. It is currently impossible for a consumer (whether individual or business) to know that they are purchasing verifiably green energy.


    Read more into this issue;

    Craig, Gregory. (April 12, 2017) - "The 100 Percent Green Energy Hoax" (Blog post), Renewable Energy World.com


    Learn about: SOLARA Platform

    Solara.io - is a blockchain platform for Clean Energy validation - see Public Document Showcase - HERE

    Unique proof of truly GREEN energy.

    No more "green washing".
    A unique point of truth.


    Time to really go green & clean. The solution for corporate entities and the environmentally concious.

    Enabling more than Peer-to-Peer trading.

    Enabling not just peer-to-peer, but a whole new world of an open energy market


    Enabling solutions in areas of need. Kickstarting fractured local economies & ultimately saving lives.


    Vision for a SolarPunk future

    Science fiction allows us to imagine new futures, so why make those futures dystopian?


    SolarPunk a new genre within science fiction that is a reaction against the perceived pessimism of present-day sci-fi > to bring optimistic stories about the future


    We aim to encouraging people to change the present.

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